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Nationwide Fund and Equity ISA Review

Nationwide Fund and Equity ISA's


Read Nationwide Company here

Nationwide Fund and Equity ISA's

The Nationwide Equity ISA gives you the potential for growth or income that you'd expect from a stock market investment - but without the hassle or the tax. There are four funds available:

  • UK Growth Fund
  • Balanced Fund
  • Tracker Fund
  • High Income Fund

Nationwide Funds, Equities and ISA's - Key Details:

Please read this information carefully as it highlights the key details of the Nationwide Equity Individual Savings Account.

It aims to provide you with a way of investing, tax-free, through an Equity (stock and shares) ISA, investing in a choice of unit trust funds. You can choose to open an Equity ISA with a lump sum investment or set up a regular savings plan.

Risk factors that you need to consider:

  • The investments may not grow at the rate originally anticipated and the value of the investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up and is not guaranteed. This may be due, in part, to variations in exchange rates.
  • The value of the account, and any income from it, may fluctuate and is not guaranteed. This may be due, in part, to variations in exchange rates.
  • If you cash in the account, particularly in the early years, you may not necessarily get back what you have paid in.
  • After your application has been accepted, you will receive a notice of your right to cancel. You will then have 14 days to inform us if you wish to change your mind. If you decide to cancel and you have invested a lump sum, you may not get your investment back in full if the value of the underlying funds has fallen.
  • Nationwide charges may increase in the future.
  • The level and basis of relief from taxation are subject to change. You should note that the tax credit paid on dividends is currently 10% and will be removed completely in April 2004.
  • If you don't maintain your contributions, your investment may not meet any target benefit that has been projected.
  • The favourable tax treatment of ISAs may not be maintained. However, the Government has promised that ISAs will be available until at least 2009.
  • If you open a Nationwide Maxi ISA, the only other ISA you can open this tax year is a Tessa Maturity ISA. You won't be able to open a cash ISA with Nationwide or any other company. You can't hold cash in a Nationwide Maxi ISA.
  • These funds are subject to the risks associated with investing in the stock market, especially in the short term. Consequently, the Equity ISA is more suitable for medium to long-term investment. Five years is usually recommended as the minimum.

For further information on Nationwide Fund and Equity ISA's visit the Nationwide website.

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