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Banking & Savings
With dozens of different uk deals to choose from!!
Banking & Savings helps you choose everything from current accounts to cash ISA's.

Once you step beyond the doors of your high street bank, the financial world can look very daunting,
even finding out where you can go to get expert advice isn't as simple as it could be until now.

bank accounts for you Banking and Savings


Current Account   Personal Banking
Apply for your own Current Account from our list of providers. A list of Banks that provide Personal Banking.
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Online Banking   Offshore Banking
A list of companies that provide Online Banking Accounts. Find a safe and rewarding home for your money with our list of Offshore Banks.
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Building Societies   Private Banking
Finance Central bring a comprehensive choice of UK Building Societies. Banks that specialise in Private Banking.
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Business Banking and Factoring
A list of companies specialising in Business Banking and Factoring.
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SAVINGS OPTIONS   Savings for Children
Find the best interest rates from our list of Savings Accounts. Get help with Savings for Children.
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ISA's   Cash ISA's
A list of ISA providers to compare. A TESSA only ISA or a Mini Cash ISA? Find the best rates from our listed ISA accounts.
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PEP's   Instant Access
PEP's are no longer available. Access to your money instantly.
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High Interest Savings Account   Online Savings
Get more with High Interest Accounts. Compare now. A list of companies that provide Online Savings Accounts.
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Offshore Trust Companies   Wealth Management
Protect your wealth with our list of Offshore Trust Companies. Maintain your wealth with our list of Wealth Management and Savings companies.
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Building Societies
Finance Central bring a comprehensive choice of UK Building Societies.
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Charles Stanley Direct

We are an award winning, low cost execution only trading platform.  We offer our clients the ability to invest in over 1500 Unit Trusts & OEICs, listed UK and Overseas Shares, Investment Trusts, Gilts, Bonds and ETFs, through a range of tax wrappers including ISAs, Junior ISAs, SIPPs as well as standard trading accounts.

Investing made simple:
Our easy to use website and trading platform offers a range of features such as in-house and external fund research and market commentary, streaming live prices, limit orders, prices alerts, monthly investing and much more.

Why invest through Charles Stanley Direct:

  • Competitive pricing (only 0.25% platform fee)
  • UK based telephone helpdesk
  • Preferred Fund List (Foundation Fundlist)
  • Suggested portfolios (Foundation Portfolios)
  • Easy to use trading platform

Please note that the value of your investment may fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.

Charles Stanley Direct - Apply Now!

 One Family

One Family Junior ISA

Junior ISA  

One Family Junior ISA - Apply Now!


Travel Money and Foreign Exchange   International Payments
Arrange your Travel Money of Foreign Exchange with our list of companies that specialise in these areas. These money transfers are ideal if you are making regular payments overseas, buying a property abroad or thinking of emigrating.
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Send Money Abroad to Over 140 Countries

Worldremit Money Transfers

worldremit have, quite simply, transformed the way people send money to their family and friends. As a fast and secure online service, we really help people to stay connected – no matter the distances between them.

Our customers can use their laptop or mobile phone to send money to over 140 countries worldwide. And, depending on the country they’re sending to or from, they can send mobile money, bank transfers, cash for pickup or airtime top ups.

Best of all, they benefit from a service that’s convenient, fast, secure, low cost and extremely simple to use.








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