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Private Banking, a comprehensive and competitive list for YOU to choose from. It's all here!!
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Standard Bank Private Banking Review

Standard Bank Private Banking


Read Standard Bank London Company here

Standard Bank London Private Banking

Standard Bank London - Private Client Services
In addition to the business units that complement Standard's investment banking activities, the Group provides a range of products and services to high net worth individuals worldwide. Standard Bank London provide onshore and offshore banking, stockbroking and investment management, as well as offshore and company establishment and administration services. In general, clients should have a minimum of USD1m of assets held in custody with our custodian. Standard Bank London offer the following products:

Personal Banking Products, including multi-currency current and deposit accounts, foreign exchange spot and forward transactions payments and remittances.

Standard Bank London offer a Securities Dealing service for an extensive range of investment products, executable in most major world markets. They also offer access to a wide range of international Investment Funds, Fixed Income Products, and Structured Products.

Equity Lending allows a client to borrow funds using a stock portfolio as collateral. The amount of borrowing is determined by the nature of the collateral (e.g. for SFC authorised money funds, 90% of the fund value can be borrowed; for major exchange equities, this proportion falls to 50%). The loan can be in a different currency to the collateral, and unlike other banks, Standard Bank London make no maintenance charge - you only pay interest on the loan. The bank can also offer secure custodian arrangements through Fledgling Nominees International Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase & Co.

SBA offers Collateralised Foreign Exchange facilities to its clients, subject to initial and ongoing credit review and maintenance of collateral against which leveraged trading is managed. Clients benefit from access to one of the most active foreign exchange desks in Hong Kong.

The Group is a specialist in Precious Metals trading and financing, and this specialist expertise can be offered to private clients for trading or investment purposes.

For further information on Standard Bank London Private Banking visit the Standard Bank London Website.


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