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Societe Generale Asset Management Business Bank and Factoring Review

Societe Generale Asset Management
Business Banking and Factoring


Read Societe Generale Asset Management Company here

Societe Generale Asset Management Business Banking and Factoring

Societe Generale Asset Management has been managing accounts for institutional clients since 1998. They currently manage over £6 billion (as at end March 2003) on behalf of both large and small institutions, based in the UK and overseas. Their clients include pension funds, corporates, local authorities and charities/foundations.

Societe Generale Asset Management believe they are able to offer their clients a dynamic and innovative approach to investment. They are active managers offering both segregated and pooled services to institutional investors covering all major asset classes, on a multi-asset or specialist basis.

Societe Generale Asset Management - Investment approach
Societe Generale Asset Management believe that the key to unlocking good investment opportunities lies in thorough research and the experience and instinct to interpret events correctly. They are active portfolio managers. They aspire to outperform at all stages of the economic or market cycle. This means Societe Generale Asset Management include all types of investment opportunities, and do not restrict ourselves to limited areas such as “growth” or “value” investments.

Societe Generale Asset Management have a preference for good companies rather than “cheap” shares and they highlight a small number of key criteria that characterise attractive investments:

  • their knowledge of and confidence in management;
  • a clear and deliverable corporate strategy;
  • clean accounting and real free cash generation

For further information on Societe Generale Asset Management Business Banking and Factoring visit the Societe Generale Asset Management Website.


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